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Dr. Gokul Venkateshwar - Dentist in Belapur, Chembur

Dr. Gokul Venkateshwar

Oral Surgeon

Treatments: Wisdom Teeth Removal , Teeth Extraction , Cosmetic Facial Surgery

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Dr. Gokul venkateshwar is an oral and maxilla facial surgeon at Apollo Dental located at Chembur, Belapur, Mumbai. He specializes in diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, injuries covering the full spectrum of dental and facial structures. He has commendable experience in carrying out surgeries for correcting dental facial defects. His diligent approach towards performing jaw surgeries remarkably improves overall appearance of his patients’ faces.

Specialized skills
  • Teeth extraction
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Extraction of impacted teeth
  • Various surgeries related to oral infection
  • Management of traumatic injuries
  • Cosmetic treatment including corrective jaw surgeries and facial structures to improve facial appearance like orthognathic surgeries
  • Dental implant placement

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Dr. Gokul Venkateshwar - Dentist in Belapur

Dr. Gokul Venkateshwar

Oral Surgeon

Mumbai - Belapur
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Cosmetic Dentist do ?
A Cosmetic Dentist can do Tooth whitening, Enamel tooth recontouring, Dental veneers, Dental Laminates, Gum Depigmentation, Gum Re-contouring, Orthognathic & other facial surgeries

What can a Periodontist do?
A Periodontist typically performs Gum disease treatments, Gingivectomy, Scaling & Root Planing, Flap Surgery, Curettage, Bone grafts, Splinting, Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR), Cosmetic Gum Surgery, Papilla Reconstruction Procedure

What can an Endodontist do?
An Endodontist typically performs Root Canal Treatment , Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment, Laser Root Canal Treatment, Mutilated Teeth Treatment, Micro Endodontics, Invisible Fillings

Who is the Best Endodontist in Belapur?
At Apollo White Dental Clinic in Belapur, find the best Endodontists in Belapur

What can a Orthodontist do?
An Orthodontist can perform fix Teeth alignments, crooked teeth, poorly aligned jaws. And also can do all types of braces like Invisible braces/clear braces, ceramic braces, metal braces, invisaligns.

Where can I find Best Orthodontists in Belapur?
At Apollo White Dental Belapur, Chembur, we have well experienced and qualified Orthodontists
Google Reviews
Suriya Wayadande
Suriya Wayadande
07:11 31 Jan 19
I was having issue of forwardly placed and mainly gaps in teeth. I visited Apollo white dental and there is a lot improvement in issue. I received a flawless treatment with bare minimum discomfort. I am able to smile so well now without any hesitation. I am thankful to dr ansil for all his effort for bringing my teeth in place and also thankful to dr Dipika and dr Harshada for their guidance towards treatment planning. I will surely remmend this to my friends and family.
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson
11:45 05 Sep 18
I visited Dr. Dipika Bangera when my dental cap came off causing pain and inability to eat properly. She explained what could be done clearly and also examined the rest of my teeth, letting me know about things I didn't know would cause a problem later, but had already begun to, and how I could prevent them from getting worse. The recementation and root canal procedures that followed have been done well and I haven't had a problem since. All in all, Dr. Dipika is a very knowledgeable, patient and friendly dentist, who I would recommend my family and friends to go to. Kudos and thanks doc. I would also like to thank Dr. Divya Sinha for my RCT. Apollo White Dental has a team of very good dentists I must say.
10:41 10 Mar 18
Got my tooth extracted at this place, it was completely painless. Tooth was out in no time. Very efficient team and Very happy with the treatment provided.
Savita Acharya
Savita Acharya
18:42 11 Jan 19
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