Dentist Near Me in Pogathota - Nellore

Dental Doctors in Pogathota

Dr. Dileep Nag Vinnakota

MDS, Implantologist

Nellore - Pogathota

Dr. Sathya Kumar D

MDS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Nellore - Pogathota

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Manne

MDS, Oral Medicine & Radiology
9 years experience
Treatments:Wisdom Teeth Removal , Teeth Extraction , Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Nellore - Pogathota

Dr. Pradeep Babu K

MDS, Orthodontics
8 years experience
Treatments:Invisible Braces , Orthodontic Mini-screws , Brackets

Nellore - Pogathota

Dr.Madhulatha Mutha

MDS - Periodontist

Nellore - Pogathota


Dr. JeevithaPothala works as a general dentist at Apollo White Dental located at Pogathota, Nellore. She is extremely professional and dedicated clinician. She deals every patient with compassion and patience and listens to all their dental needs. She is extremely good at handling pediatric patients.

Specialized skills
  1. Scaling and polishing
  2. Dental fillings
  3. Cosmetic dental procedures like composite bonding, bleaching.
  4. Extractions
  5. Dentures
  6. Preventive dental therapy in children
  7. Root canal treatment