Dentist Near Me in Kailash Colony - New Delhi & NCR

Dental Doctors in Kailash Colony

Dr. Himanshu Bhutani

BDS - Oral & Maxillofacial

New Delhi & NCR - Kailash Colony

Dr. Anupama Tiwari

5 years experience
Treatments:Dental Cavities , Tooth Decay , Gum Diseases , Tooth Filling , Dentures , Braces , Crowns

New Delhi & NCR - Kailash Colony

Dr. Amreena Gill

MDS - Prosthodontics


New Delhi & NCR - Connaught Place

Dr. Ashish Kakar

MDS - Prosthodontist

New Delhi & NCR - Indraprastha


Dr. Mandeep works as general dentist at Apollo White Dental located at Kailash Colony, New Delhi & NCR. Heexamines, diagnoses and plans suitable treatment with great acumen. She educates patients about preventive oral health care. He follows standard dentistry protocols and ensures higher safety. He coordinates and works well with other clinical staff to provide quality patient treatments.

Specialized skills
  1. Scaling and root planing
  2. Dental fillings
  3. Minor orthodontic adjustments
  4. Prosthetic restoration with dentures, crowns and bridges
  5. Root canal treatment
  6. Bleaching
  7. Composite bonding
  8. Veneers and laminates
  9. Extractions
  10. Pit and fissure sealant and topical fluoride application in children