Enamel Contouring / Cosmetic Contouring

Looking for a simple cosmetic procedure to enhance the beauty of your smile? Enamel contouring is an easy and quick solution to bring a new look to your smile.

What is enamel contouring?

Enamel contouring is nothing but tooth shaping or tooth contouring. It is a simple cosmetic procedure done to modify the tooth contour and give a proper shape to the tooth. It can bring subtle changes to the tooth which gives a more beautiful smile.

How is Tooth Contouring / Tooth Reshaping done?

The Dentist will initially examine your teeth clinically and take X rays to see if enamel contouring procedures are appropriate for you. Tooth contouring is done by removing only minute amount of enamel using drills, abrasives like discs or sand papers. This procedure is also called as enameloplasty.

Polishing of tooth is done after tooth contouring to smoothen the tooth surface to restore its natural appearance. Since it involves trimming of only enamel which contains no nerve endings, it is totally a painless procedure. This takes only a single visit for the entire procedure.

How is enamel contouring helpful?

Tooth contouring is helpful to correct slightly crooked teeth, even the contour in case of minor defects or imperfections in the teeth, round off pointed cusps. Though it cannot repair major imperfections in a tooth, it can be a standalone procedure to improvise the smile.

Benefits of enamel contouring

Enamel contouring is completely painless procedure. It is very inexpensive treatment since it does not involve use of any expensive dental materials. It takes only one visit and around thirty minutes to complete the whole procedure.

Tooth contouring requires meticulous cosmetic work giving consideration to minute details in tooth shaping. Excess or improper removal of enamel can affect dental health of the teeth.

If you consider tooth contouring can help you solve your cosmetic dental issues, get a consultation of expert cosmetic specialist at Apollo White Dental and we will give back a healthy, natural and beautiful smile.