I have horrible crooked yellow teeth

Q. 2. I have horrible crooked yellow teeth. How much would it cost to get a nice, white, straight tooted smile? Do you have finance plans or would the fee have to be paid in one payment? What kind of time scale would something like this take from start to finish? Where is your surgery? I would be more than happy to send some pictures of my teeth if that would help with the quotation!
A. To get a white teeth there are many methods which include teeth whitening, lasers and veneers which are very much affordable in price and for the crooked teeth orthodontic treatment can be done to straighten your teeth and the treatment plan varies based on patient facial profile and the price is based on what kind of orthodontic appliance we are going to use. coming to the payment ortho treatment usually takes 10 to 12 months and review will be done each month. so basic amount can be paid first when the treatment starts and other payment can be done in installment whenever the dentist calls for a review.

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