I Went to Dentist Today due to Suffering Badly from Toothache!

Q. I went to dentist today due to suffering badly from toothache! I was told I grind my teeth in my sleep as my front teeth are very worn! He X rayed and sent me away with sensitive toothpaste as he is sure it’s sensitivity! However tonight I am in complete agony is this normally for sensitive teeth? I have taken painkillers but they haven’t helped! I don’t know whether a second opinion might be useful although I have never had any concerns about my dentist before. Thank you for your time.
A. Night grinding is a most common disorder which you do during your sleep without your conscious which may lead to the attrition of your teeth and leads to the sensitivity of the teeth. And as of now you should need to get away from night grinding… there are various method to prevent the night grinding Such as using mouth guard these primary steps u need to do for your problem then u can use sensitive tooth paste and can use pain killer if needed.

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