Overlapping teeth

Q. I have overlapping teeth what is the solution ?
A. When teeth overlap, it is usually because they are crowded (not enough room). While there are other options besides moving the teeth (cosmetic bonding or crowns that can be done to make the teeth look straight), orthodonitcs is the healthiest and most long term solution. There are two approaches when it comes to getting rid of overlapping teeth: expansion or extraction. Expansion means that you make more room for the teeth so they can be lined up. This can be done with an expander, braces (clear or metal), or aligners (Invisalign). Extraction means to remove teeth. Removing teeth is necesary when it is not possible to expand. The amount of expansion that can take place is limited by the bones and the gums around the teeth. Everyone is different and it takes an experienced orthodontist to determine not only what will look best for you, but also what will give you the most healthy and stable results.

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