Would I be able to get a consultation and a price?

Q. I wanted 3 of my teeth extracted as 2 are broken and 1 has grown behind a tooth which has caused me to be self conscious. I also wanted my teeth straightened with braces and I would like some advice on my canines at the top as I would like them to be symmetrical instead of taken out. I have had issues for many years and I wish to progress my lifestyle and push past these problems. Would I be able to get a consultation and a price?
A. First of all The price of extraction is based on the tooth condition and to get straight teeth we can do orthodontic treatment for correcting your teeth and the treatment plan varies based on the patient facial profile and the price is also based on your treatment plan and the orthodontic appliance(brackets) selected for the treatment. There are many types of brackets available in the market

And for payment you don’t need to pay the full amount in one installment because the orthodontic treatment takes minimum of 10 to 12 months and you need to come for a review every month so you can pay a basic amount during the treatment starting point and you can pay the rest during ever month review in installment.

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