Gum Contouring / Reshaping

Gum ContouringGingival health and appearance play a crucial role in the esthetics of a smile. Gums and teeth should be in proper proportion in order to wear a beautiful smile. Too much display of gums or teeth decrease the attractiveness of a smile. Gum contouring is a procedure carried out to give a beautiful gum contour that improves the esthetics of a smile.

When is gum contouring required?

Gum contouring is required in following conditions:

  • When you have too low or too high gum line
  • In cases of excessive display of gums called gummy smile(when you have short teeth, more of gums are visible)
  • swollen gums due to pathological diseases and drug induced enlargement
  • gum recession where gum pulls back the tooth exposing tooth root
  • crown lengthening procedures where your teeth are too short


How is gum contouring done?

Gum contouring is reorganizing the uneven gum line. The excess or overhanging gums are trimmed using a scalpel blade or laser. This exposes your teeth which are too short. Natural gum line is given accordingly which gives a beautiful look to your smile.

Laser light helps you trim the asymmetrical gum line. Laser gum contouring is quick, easy and precise. It causes less bleeding at the surgical site which improves visibility. Wound healing is also faster and heals by secondary intention. Post op complications like bleeding, pain and swelling are minimal which can be managed by pain killers. Chances of infection are also limited with the use of laser.

Don’t make your unhappy smile disturb you mentally or discount your self confidence. Laser has made it simpler, quick and pain free to transform your lopsided gums to beautifully curved smile.

Our cosmetic team will evaluate your condition clinically and carry out proper analysis by taking impressions and using study models to decide on the possibility of restoring a beautiful smile with gum contouring.