Laser Gum Depigmentation

Laser Gum DepigmentationYou don’t smile often because your gums are too dark!! Dark gums not only make you conscious while speaking, but also affect you psychologically. You can now get rid of these dark gums by gum depigmentation procedure where the layer of dark gums is expelled and healthy pink gums replace them.

Apollo dental practices laser gum depigmentation at economical packages to achieve the goal of orchestrating high yielding results with limited pain and strain.

What causes dark gums?

When you smile your gums are visible too. Color of gums plays a crucial role in aesthetics of a smile. Normal color of gums is coral pink. In some people, due to excessive deposits of melanin (pigment responsible for dark color) gums get darker color than what is normal. This is observed more in dark complexed individuals.

Lifestyle factors like tobacco smoking, increased exposure to sunlight tend to make gums darker. Certain pathological conditions like endocrine disorders, idiopathic diseases (of unknown cause) and certain oral mucosal conditions also cause pigmentation of gingiva. Certain drugs and metals induce pigmentation in gingiva.

  • Smoking
  • Melanin
  • Medication
  • Amalgam tattoo

What are the various gingival depigmentation techniques?

Many conventional techniques like chemical peeling, cryosurgery, electro surgery, abrasion were being practiced since ages. Taking into consideration the side effects and recurrence rates, only few depigmentation techniques are in practice today.

At Apollo dental, our dental specialists use laser gum depigmentation to let our patients experience more relaxed and painless treatment. Our dedicated team of cosmetic specialists does meticulous work to avoid injury to adjacent soft and hard tissues like gums, teeth and underlying bone.

Surgical Technique

This is a surgical stripping or excision of superficial epithelium using a scalpel blade. The denuded area heals by secondary intention where pink gums gradually replace it. This technique is simple and cost effective with less recurrence rate but post-operative pain and discomfort are its setbacks.

Laser Gum Depigmentation

Laser gum depigmentation uses laser energy to peel off the gingival epithelium. This technique is minimally invasive causing less tissue loss and minimizes post op complications like pain, swelling and infection. Lasers cause less bleeding which improves visibility at the surgical site. After clinical depigmentation, chances of relapse after very less with the use of lasers.

Is Gum Depigmentation Permanent?

Gum depigmentation is permanent. With the advent of lasers, gum depigmentation procedure has yielded good results. Chances of recurrence of pigmentation are almost zero with laser depigmentation technique. Although possibility of relapse is less, factors such as smoking, sun exposure and genetic factors influence the duration of relapse.