Less Visible Braces – Ceramic Braces (Tooth Coloured Braces)

These are the ceramic or tooth coloured replicas of the metal braces. While the function and the method of action are the same, they are less visible and are easier to clean.

Advantages of Ceramic Braces:

  1. Tooth coloured.
  2. Less visible.
  3. Can be adapted to correct most malocclusions except the ones where the bite force on the braces might be heavy.
  4. Require less rigorous maintenance than traditional metal braces.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Brackets

  1. They are not completely invisible.
  2. Require maintenance  additional tooth brushing techniques and appliances since they are stuck to the teeth for the entire treatment period.
  3. If maintenance is poor, can lead to demineralization of the tooth at times.
  4. The non-self ligating variety of requires regular check.
  5. May not be suitable where patient has a deep bite and the braces may encounter heavy bite force.
  6. Sticky food items like caramel and hard cracker like food will need to be avoided.