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Apollo White Dental Clinic, 3rd Floor, Door. No - 1-118/24, Survey No: 24, Above Maxivision Building. Opp to Cyber Towers, Madhapur-500081
Mon - Sat: 9 AM - 8 PM / Sun 9 AM - 1 PM

Apollo WHITE dental – Dental Clinic in Madhapur

Nothing is as good as a natural tooth!

Sometimes you may have developed dental decay in your tooth and you may not have noticed for a long period of time. This would have caused progression of the condition causing deep decay. If the dental decay has led to severe loss of tooth structure or has involved the innermost vital part of your tooth namely the pulp, your tooth may require endodontic (root canal) treatment for it to remain functional. If the condition is not treated at this point, the infection can spread to the bone, nearby soft tissue causing swelling, fever, pain, discomfort and sometimes may lead to very severe infection of the bone.

As the saying goes better late than never if you have pain in your tooth root canal treatment is mandatory. The term root canal treatment may cause fear in some patients but we are proud to say that most of the patients who have undergone endodontic treatment at our Apollo WHITE Dental Clinic in Madhapur have said that the procedure was similar to that of a simple toot cavity restoration. Dentist In Madhapur: Modern dental equipment, digital X Rays, LASERS, senior specialists round the clock Apollo WHITE Dental delivers best dental care in a calm and sophisticated ambiance.

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