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When is root canal treatment indicated?

When dental decay is deep and it involves the innermost layer of the tooth, pain is experienced by the patient which warrants root canal treatment for Dental Clinic in Whitefield.

Conventional root canal treatment: – Dental Clinic in Whitefield

Root canal treatment is performed in the following steps:

An opening is made through the crown into the pulp chamber after administration of local anesthesia.
Determination of root canal length is done.
Infected pulp is removed. Cleanings, a shaping of a root canal is done.
Cleaned canals are sealed and filled with imported material. A fiber or post may be added for structural support if there is a loss of tooth structure.
This is followed with a suitable crown for stabilization and restoration of function of the tooth.

Recent Advances in Root canal treatment

  • Lasers for sterilization of root canal: this ensures 100% removal of the infection.
  • Microscope-assisted root canal treatment: Microscope can help us to visualize what the naked eye cannot see.
  • This reduces dentist’s eye fatigue as well as ensures nearby precision and quality of root canal treatment.
  • Dental Clinic in Whitefield Bangalore – Nothing is as good as a natural tooth!

Sometimes you may have developed dental decay in your tooth and you may not have noticed for a long period of time. This would have caused progression of the condition causing deep decay on Dental Clinic in Whitefield Bangalore. If the dental decay has lead to severe loss of tooth structure or has involved the innermost vital part of your tooth namely the pulp, your tooth may require endodontic (root canal) treatment for it to remain functional. If the condition is not treated at this point, the infection can spread to the bone, near by soft tissue causing swelling, fever, pain, discomfort and sometimes may lead to very severe infection of the bone. As the saying goes better late than never, if you have pain in your tooth root canal treatment is mandatory. The term root canal treatment may cause fear in some patients but we are proud to say that most of the patients who have undergone root canal treatment at our Apollo WHITE Dental clinic have reported that the procedure was similar to that of a simple toot cavity restoration on Dental Clinic in Whitefield Bangalore. unremarkable as having a cavity filled with our sophistic dental equipment’s, digital X Rays, LASERS, senior endodontist (root canal specialist) round the clock.

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Do you often forget your dental visits in your busy schedule?? Welcome to Apollo WHITE Dental in nestled in the high streets of Dentist in Whitefield Bangalore to meet our dental experts and solve all your dental problems?

What happens if dental caries is unnoticed? – Dentist in Whitefield

If dental decay is left unnoticed it affects the innermost layer of the tooth causing pain. If this condition is also left untreated, it spreads to the bone, adjacent tissue causing abases, infection of bone causing serious health problems.

A brief note on root canal therapy:

Each tooth has a soft tissue’s the pulp which nourishes the tooth. Because of deep decay, injury, or gum disease, the pulp tissue in your tooth has become inflamed or infected. In any other part of your body, if a similar tissue becomes diseased, the body merely throws it off and forms new tissue. However, a tooth is to unique and different. Because the infected soft tissue (pulp) within the tooth is totally encased within hard tissue, it is the role of the dentist to remove the soft tissue located in the root canals, cleanse the area, and finally fill the canals with a special material so that bacteria cannot re-enter the tooth to cause another infection. When the endodontic treatment is complete, the tooth is by no means “dead”. It receives quite adequate support from the surrounding tissues and may be expected to last as long as any other natural tooth.

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