Endodontics Faqs


What is RCT?

RCT is an abbreviated form for Root Canal Treatment, which is performed to eliminate the infection caused to the pulp tissue of a tooth resulting in decay of the tooth accompanied by pain and or swelling.

Which is a better option, extraction or RCT?

It depends on the extent of tooth infected due to dental caries. If the tooth is intact and the decay has involved the pulp, the dentist would save your tooth by performing Root Canal Treatment which is the ideal way to handle pulpitis. In cases of chronic pulpitis wherein the crown portion of the tooth is mostly attacked by decay and cannot sustain a root canal, it is advised to go for extraction. Our Endodontist will evaluate your tooth condition first and takes a call depending on the clinical situation whether or not the infected tooth can be saved by Root Canal Treatment.

Is RCT the only solution for eliminating tooth pain?

Root canal treatment is performed to remove the infection caused to the pulp tissue of the tooth and save the natural tooth from being extracted. Root canal treatment certainly removes tooth pain and preserves the natural tooth in the bone thus avoiding removal of the tooth and leaving the jaw bone void of the tooth structure. Root Canal Treatment is the only solution to safeguard the natural tooth structure affected by severe decay.

Is RCT permanent solution for decayed tooth causing pain?

Root Canal Treatment can be the permanent solution for a tooth affected by dental caries if performed well by an experienced Endodontist. Periodic evaluation of the root canal treated tooth once in every six to twelve months is always advised.

Is root canal therapy painful?

Root canal therapy does not cause pain, it actually relieves enduring pain. Local anesthesia is given at the first appointment to make the patients comfortable and perform the treatment at ease. With the latest equipment and anesthetic techniques root canal therapy is no more a painful procedure.

Who performs root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is performed by an Endodontist who is a dental specialist extensively trained in performing endodontic or root canal procedures for three years. Though general dentists are trained optimally during their dental school to perform root canal procedures, it is always advisable to seek specialty dental care.

Can I return to my normal activities after root canal therapy?

Yes, you can return to your usual after you have received root canal therapy. The whole procedure for root canal treatment may take around an hour in a single visit root canal treatment procedure or may split the procedure into two or more sittings. Other than slight discomfort on the treated side for a couple of days, you can carry out your routine activities at ease.

Do I need to take additional care of my root canal treated tooth?

Root canal treated tooth often becomes weak and is prone to fracture on biting hard food. Avoid chewing hard substances on the treated side for a few days until a prosthetic restoration such as a dental crown is placed. Prosthetic restoration restores the strength and integrity of the tooth structure.

What is an endodontic surgery?

Endodontic surgery is often indicated when non-surgical endodontic treatment cannot locate minor fractures or hidden canals in a tooth. It is used to repair damaged root surfaces and bone. It is performed by making an incision in the gums to see the underlying bone or root. Suturing is done after the treatment is completed. Slight tenderness and swelling may appear as in any surgical procedure.

Who is the best Root Canal Specialist in India?

Apollo Dental has the best root canal specialists with decades of experience who are supported by senior staff and advanced infrastructure to deliver the best treatment outcome to its patients.

What is the cost of the root canal treatment?

Cost of the root canal treatment depends on the extent and severity of infection. During initial consultation, endodontist will evaluate the tooth’s condition by clinical and radiological investigations and let you know the cost estimate.

Average cost of the root canal treatment ranges from INR 4000-5500(USD 56-77, EURO 50-69) per tooth.