Laser Assisted Root Canal Therapy


Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment

Application of LASERs has been a successful practice in medical field since ages. There has been a strong emergence of lasers in the field of dentistry in the recent decades.Application of lasers in endodontic procedures is proved to be highly beneficial.

Though root canal therapy is one of the most common endodontic procedures, it is looked up on as the most feared dental procedures by most of the people. Dentists always try to make it as painless as possible; however, sometimes mild pain and discomfort may be experienced by the patients. With the advent of lasers in endodontics, root canal therapy is no more a scary dental procedure.LASER Assisted Root Canal therapy has been proven to be more beneficial compared to conventional root canal treatment in terms of pain and disinfection.

The outcome of root canal treatment is based on efficient disinfection of root canals. Traditional root canal treatment follows cleaning and disinfection of root canals by mechanical debridement and using chemical agents like chlorhexidine, sodium hypochlorite etc. However, this chemico mechanical approach may not always achieve complete sterilization. This may lead to reinfection and failure of root canal therapy. Lasers are used in adjunct to these chemo-mechanical methods to ensure complete disinfection of the root canals. Predominantly LASERs are used to seize infection and effectuate sterile atmosphere in the infected root canals.

Laser assisted root canal treatment is a stupendous achievement in dentistry. It has overcome all the flaws of a conventional root canal treatment. Now, leave the fear of a painful root canal treatment and experience laser assisted root canal treatment at Apollo Dental and save your infected natural tooth.

How does it work?

In laser root canal treatment, a parallel beam of light is passed into the canals. The intense energy present in the light kills bacteria present in the root canals and removes all the debris and dead tissue, thus disinfecting the root canals. This takes less time, more efficacies and is also painless compared to traditional approach.

Application of lasers in endodontics

Lasers are used to achieve sterilization of root canals as they have a bactericidal effect with high beam of light energy emitted. Hence they are used to remove debris and dead tissue from the canals effectively. This focused beam of high energy helps in softening theguttapercha and facilitates proper obturation. Further, Lasers areused in surgical endodontic procedures as it provides a bloodless field and requiring less suturing.

Advantages of Laser root canal therapy

  • Laser assisted root canal therapy is less aggressive thereby making it painless and reducing post op complications like swelling, pain and bleeding.
  • Less time taking procedure and laser assisted root canal treatment can be completed in a single visit in suitable patients.
  • It also limits the need for local anesthesia.
  • Complete disinfection of root canals can be achieved with the help of lasers, thus ensuring higher success rates.
  • Laser root canal treatment is more precise, thus avoiding unnecessary drilling of the tooth and helping preservation of sound tooth structure.
  • Since it is less invasive, faster healing is ensured.
  • There are less chances of infection and contamination with the use of lasers.

Cost of Laser RCT in India

Cost of laser root canal therapy starts from 6000 INR ($85 USD). Depending on the level of infection and condition of the tooth price may vary.