Minor Orthodontics

Is your rotated or malpositioned front tooth drawing away the lure of your smile? Does spacing between your front teeth slacken the beauty of your smile? Looking for a simple cosmetic correction! Here is minor orthodontics to help you redefine your smile in a quickest way.

What is minor orthodontics?

Minor orthodontics is the fastest and discreet treatment approach to give you the perfect smile in a limited time. Minor orthodontics is intended to correct an orthodontic problem that requires only minor tooth movement. This is an incredible route for patients to address their smiles without the use of wearing traditional orthodontic braces. By and large, the treatment time will be a lot shorter than full length orthodontic treatment.Every case is unique; however, after the initial assessment and diagnosis, possible treatment options are suggested by the orthodontist.

How does minor orthodontics work?

Minor orthodontics uses relatively simple tooth movements of single or more than single teeth. It is useful when only minimal tooth movement is required generally a millimeter or two. And so the appliances used for such movement are also simple in design. The treatment time generally required is also just few months rather than years.

How is minor orthodontics useful?

  • to correct minor and uneven spacing between the teeth
  • relieves minor crowding or overlapping of front teeth
  • helps realign rotated teeth , malpositioned teeth
  • reposition teeth that have shifted following orthodontic treatment
  • to correct improper bite straining temporo mandibular joint
  • quickest and most affordable cosmetic treatment
  • minimally invasive treatment as appliances used for minor tooth movement are uncomplicated in design
  • more comfortable as only lighter forces are used
  • improve the overall appearance and functionality of the smile and bite


What are possible orthodontic appliances for minor orthodontics?

Orthodontic appliances that can be used for limited tooth movement are:

  • Clear aligners– these are a series of custom made, removable appliances designed to move teeth into more desirable positions over time. These are esthetic as well not letting others know that you are wearing braces. With clear aligners minor tooth movements can be achieved effortlessly giving you that natural looking, beautiful smile.
  • Removable orthodontic retainers– these appliances are small and simple like springs, elastics to correct single cross bite, tipped and improperly placed teeth in the mouth. They are also used to prevent shifting of teeth after fixed orthodontic correction. They are generally worn for three to six months or sometimes longer.
  • Traditional fixed orthodontic metal brackets and wires-Minor orthodontics addresses dental issues of only limited number of teeth. It can also be considered as extension of preventive orthodontics. They are most likely to give the best results in the shortest time possible. As with everything in orthodontics, the correct assessment or diagnosis of the problem is essential to choosing the correct treatment modality.