Whom should I see for braces treatment?

You should see an orthodontist for braces treatment. Orthodontist is a dental specialist trained extensively to treat malocclusion problems in patients. Orthodontist will examine your teeth, diagnose malocclusion and plan and execute treatment accordingly.

What happens when my braces are put on?

Braces apply steady forces and pressure on your teeth which makes your teeth become loose and move. Bone around the teeth undergoes remodeling and teeth remain in its new position. However, the forces should be mild otherwise you may be at risk of losing your teeth. This is the reason why braces are worn for so long.

How long do I need to wear braces?

Braces are usually worn for twelve to twenty four months. However, each case is different and the time duration depends on the age of the patient, severity of malocclusion and the type of braces used. There are some cases where patients need to wear braces for a longer period.

How often do I need to see the orthodontist?

Braces apply constant forces on teeth and so braces are adjusted during frequent visits to orthodontist. They are tightened or loosened depending on the movement required. Your orthodontist may ask you to visit every four to six weeks to make necessary adjustments.

Do braces make your teeth loose?

Braces do not make your teeth loose. They only apply limited forces on your teeth to make them move into desired position.

Do braces hurt?

You may feel mild pain and discomfort initially if you are wearing braces. General soreness, irritation of soft tissues can be experienced. However, these symptoms are common and any serious issues should be addressed immediately by the orthodontist. With recent advancements in orthodontic tools and appliances, today’s braces are much more comfortable and painless than before. Recent orthodontic braces like invisible braces and ceramic braces are less harsh, do not hurt gums or soft tissues and are quicker in action and more esthetic.

What is the best age to wear braces?

Braces can be worn at any age. Early the diagnosis and treatment, less complex and expensive is the braces treatment.  Get a consultation for your child by your orthodontist by the age of seven. At this age, any development of malocclusion and abnormal jaw growth can be observed by the orthodontist and early treatment intervention can be initiated.

How do I know if my child needs orthodontic treatment?

Though your child’s teeth may look straighter, there may be other orthodontic issues which cannot be identified by the child or the parent. However common signs that may alert you are abnormal facial or jaw growth, unaesthetic appearance, decayed teeth, gum problems etc. It is always advisable to take your child to an orthodontist by the age of seven years; so any issues can be spotted early and doctors can pick the best time to begin the treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce the treatment duration and subsequently expenses.

Will my braces interfere with my physical activities?

You can carry out your routine activities with braces. You can undoubtedly continue to participate in any sports even if you have braces. A specially designed mouth guard is to be worn while playing sports where there is a chance of getting hit.

Is Invisalign as good as braces?

Invisalign is more comfortable than conventional braces. They are less invasive; exert only gentle pressure and no risk of hurting the gums. They do not irritate the soft tissues like gums, lips, cheeks etc. They are also less visible and highly esthetic when compared to metal braces.

How do I take care of my oral health during orthodontic treatment?

It’s highly important that you maintain your oral hygiene during braces treatment. Poor oral hygiene can cause tooth decay, gum diseases eventually prolonging the treatment duration. Proper brushing and flossing techniques are educated to the patient at the initiation of the treatment. Avoid eating hard and sticky foods during the course of the treatment. You should brush your teeth after every meal. Also floss your teeth regularly. Use a proper brush suitable to clean braces and follow proper brushing technique.

Why should I wear retainer after orthodontic treatment?

After your braces are removed, your orthodontist will give you a retainer and recommend that you wear it for a certain amount of time. There are quite fare chances that your teeth may drift after braces treatment. In order to stabilize orthodontic treatment and prevent relapse, retainers are given to the patient. These retainers can be removable or fixed depending on the patient compliance.

How long should I wear retainer after my braces?

The duration of retainers depends on what kind you opt for – either fixed or removable. The time duration is usually six months to one year.They need to be worn for twelve to fourteen hours per day.