Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment(RCT)

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure performed on the infected tooth to remove the decay affecting the pulp (underlying tissue containing blood vessels and nerve supply to a tooth). Simple filling procedure cannot restore a tooth’s dental health when the infection has encroached the pulp. Root canal therapy is the only alternative to save such tooth from being extracted. The main objective of root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is to preserve the infected existing natural tooth by disinfection.During a root canal therapy, access to the root canal present inside the root of a tooth is gained and the infected tissue is removed entirely. Hence Root Canal treatment bypasses extraction of the infected tooth and its replacement procedures thereby saving time and money.

Nothing looks or functions like your natural tooth. It’s always recommended to retain your natural tooth whenever possible with the endodontic treatment. If you are experiencing toothache, seek dental treatment as soon as possible. Less severe the disease process, more conservative would be the treatment approach!

Schedule an appointment at Apollo Dental to evaluate your tooth’s condition and seek timely dental care. Our exceedingly qualified dentists practice all kinds of root canal procedures from regular RCT using Protaper system to leading procedures like LASER assisted RCT and MicroEndodontics. Combining world class technology and highly experienced dentists, Apollo Dental has become a benchmark in delivering successful root canal treatments for decades.

What happens during root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is done under local anesthesia. Once the tooth gets numb, access to the root canals is achieved by preparing an access cavity. Through this access point, infected tissue is completely removed from the root canals. Thorough cleaning and shaping of the root canals is done using chemo mechanical aids like chlorhexidine, sodium hypochlorite solutions and mechanically by ProTaper files. After complete disinfection is achieved, root canals are filled with permanent rubber like filling material called gutta-percha, thus sealing the canals to prevent further infection. This final step is called as obturation which is a major deciding factor in evaluating the success of treatment outcome.

Root canal treatment may require two or more visits depending on the condition of the tooth. During these visits, dentist would place disinfecting materials inside the canals to control the infection. Temporary filling material is placed during every visit to prevent contamination. Permanent filling material is placed once total disinfection is achieved. Single sitting or single visit root canal treatment is also in practice in cases of mild infection. Dentist will assess your tooth’s condition and perform root canal in a single visit if you are a suitable candidate.

What happens after root canal therapy?

Due to the infection caused to the tooth, root canal treated tooth is often weak that requires additional care. Dentist advises you not to chew hard on the treated side for a couple of days. Slight discomfort or pain may be present for a few days which will subside eventually. Tooth is slightly trimmed to make it off the occlusion. You are often advised to consider having a crown placed on the tooth that will help prevent it from fracture. You need to visit dentists regularly once in every six to twelve months for evaluation of root canal treated tooth.

Cost of root canal treatment at Apollo Dental

Cost factor depends on the tooth’s condition, type of the tooth, and the number of root canals involved. After the initial consultation, our dentist would guide you through suitable treatment and cost estimation.

Proximate cost of root canal treatment ranges from INR 4000-5500(USD 56-77, EURO 50-69) per tooth.