Smile Makeover / Smile Designing / Digital Smile Design

A smile is the universal welcome. You are not complete until you wear a healthy smile. A perfect smile puts you on the right track. Today’s lifestyle has not only been affecting your general health, but also influencing your active smile. Stained teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth, decayed teeth and dark gums make you feel low when you smile. Don’t let all these factors fluster your beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved so much with a wide range of dental procedures to transform your smile into a brighter, healthier and ravishing one. Cosmetic dentistry is no more a rich man’s choice. Reconstruct your smile and capture a gorgeous grin by experiencing smile makeover at Apollo dental at affordable expense.

What is smile makeover or smile designing?

Smile makeover is the process of reforming your smile. It is a multi-disciplinary approach by adopting one or more cosmetic procedures depending on the dental problem. Smile designing includes tooth whitening, tooth veneers, gum depigmentation, lip surgeries, minor orthodontics etc.

One of the recent advancements in dental technology is digital smile designing where you can visualize your future smile before the start of the treatment.

What can affect your smile?

Anatomy of your smile is constituted by your teeth, lips, gums and facial structures.


Size, shape, position and color of your teeth influence your smile. Genetically size of your teeth can be too big or too small which gives an abnormal look. Size of your teeth can be adjusted by placing crowns on your teeth which are undetectable. Minor gaps can also be closed with veneers or crowns.

Some teeth are crookedly positioned in your jaw while some may be fractured accidentally. Such teeth can be straightened by veneers. Aging causes teeth to get darkened and few teeth get stained by the diet you take. Whatever the cause for discoloration it may be, stains can be masked or removed completely by tooth whitening procedures.


Gums have a key role in shaping your beautiful smile. Color, size, position and visibility of your gums impact on your smile. You may want to hide your laugh because your gums are too dark. Gum depigmentation will help you lighten your gums and flaunt your smile. If your gums are exceeding their normal size or not in correct shape, you may go for gum contouring.


The first thing that is noticed in a smile is lips. Lips certainly draw the lure of a smile. There are many cosmetic surgeries to change the length, shape and size of the lips and achieve that celebrity smile you always dreamt of.


Curve of a smile is beautiful if face is in proper symmetry. Any facial and jaw deformities can be corrected by orthognathic and other facial surgeries.

Planning your cosmetic treatment

Before planning any dental treatment, comprehensive understanding of dental issue and careful evaluation is crucial. This helps in delivering successful treatment outcomes.

At Apollo dental, we have a team of cosmetic specialists to diagnose, plan and execute the cosmetic treatment to achieve the goal of giving the patients a youthful look. Our team does clinical evaluation first followed by digital scanning and imaging of your teeth that offer a preview of the resultant smile that is unique and one of its kind.

Maintaining the new look

Some of the cosmetic procedures like tooth bleaching, veneers etc. are not permanent. Knowing how to change your dental hygiene habits like proper brushing, flossing and diet intake etc. to best care for your restorations will assist you with keeping up your new grin for quite a long time to come.