Wilckodontics (Speedy Braces)

Wilckodontics (corticotomy) combines orthodontic (tooth movement) and periodontal procedures to obtain the most ideal orthodontic result.

Corticotomy simply means surgery of cortical bone. While the bony jaws are composed of both cortical and medullary bone in various combinations depending on site and patient demographics, the periodontal surgery of interest in contemporary selective alveolar decortication involves surgical trimming of alveolar cortical bone.

The major benefit of Wilckodontics is the prevention of periodontal problems by creating sufficient bone in areas where bone is usually very thin or lacking. In other words, having a strong bone foundation should prevent from having periodontal problems (gum recession, furcation invasion, etc.) long term.

Benefits of Wilckodontics:

  • Less time in orthodontic treatment (quicker treatment)
  • Rapid Tooth Movement
  • More Bone to Support Teeth Long Term
  • Lesser Cost than Orthognathic Surgery
  • No Hospital Visit as with Orthognathic Surgery
  • Less Periodontal Problems around Teeth Long Term
  • Less Loss of Gum Tissue (Recession)
  • Less Furcation Invasion
  • Less Root Resorption (Root Resorption can occur with conventional braces)
  • Less Relapse (Movement of Teeth Back to Prior Position) Relapse commonly occurs with orthodontics. This is why wearing a retainer is important after treatment to prevent migration of teeth away from the ideal position.


After 8 weeks